Don’t Dilly Dally, Back Up!


Swimming exams at Newcastle Ocean Baths, 11/12/1953, by Sam Hood
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If you are investing your time on any project whether that be an article, report, video or PhD you will want to have the assurance that you can still access it tomorrow, the week after or next month. This means you need to have system in place to ensure your work is backed up. Each year we have at least one student who suddenly faces the terrifying situation of being unable to recover their work either through files being corrupted, their pc/laptop ‘dying’ or laptop being stolen or lostand while we have all the sympathy we often won’t have the solution at this stage.So what you should you do to save your work, peace of mind and sad looks?

  1. DONT just keep your work on a memory stick!
  2. Get an external hard drive
  3. Start using the back up system on your PC (Window’s Back Up system or Mac (Apple’s Time Machine
  4. Sync your hard drive with back up system
  5. Use a cloud storage back up system (there is a fee but it’s worth it if you want to ensure your work doesn’t disappear) e.g

(Dropbox while widely used isn’t enough since they provide no guarantee on recovery and in fact recommend you back up any work you upload to them)

5. Regularly test your back up systems, can you still access the work? the latest version?
6. Get working so you have something to back up

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